Planetary Gearboxes

Today, Planetary gearbox is a gearbox model, consisting of planetary, sun and ring gears, which is produced to meet the high power demands within a small volume and has become a great requirement in many application areas.
In our planetary gearboxes, the ring gear is fixed, the sun is connected to the motor shaft by the sleeve, there is a power input, and the planetary gears transfer the power through the planetary cage.
In the planetary gearboxes, the sun gear and the ring gear determine the ratio.
As the number of planetary gears increases, the load distribution increases and thus the power to be transmitted increases, however, efficiency decreases.
Planetary gearboxes, which have compact structure, offer the ability to transfer high powers with high efficiency.
Because of their compact design and high efficiency, they are considered environment friendly.
Due to all these features, planetary gearboxes find various application areas in different industries.
Having the rotating and rotated shaft axes on the planetary gearboxes on top of each other and the design in the form of rotational symmetry, would allow you easy assembly and easy adaptation to the machine.
The production and assembly precisions should be high due to the fact that planetary gearboxes are more complicated than other gear mechanisms and the planetary gears need to grip with the same precision on each position to carry the same amount of load.
Quietness is also another advantage for planetary gearboxes in comparison with other gear mechanisms.
Since, a large power is transmitted in a small volume with the planetary gearboxes, it is more difficult to transmit the heat generated out compared to other gear mechanisms.

DSPE / DSPL serisi
DSPE / DSPL serisi

Duran Mekatronik DSPE/DSPL serisi planet redüktörler


Right Angle Gearboxes

In cylindrical gears, the gear axes are parallel and the plane of motion of the gears is the same. On the other hand, in bevel gears used in right angle / Miter gearboxes, there is a certain angle between the gear axes and the plane of motion of the gears is not the same. Usually, to rotate the movement by 90° bevels gears are used.
Right angle gearboxes, which can be in various sizes and be easily mounted on machines, are essential components of power transmission systems.
Right angle gear units offer high power values and impressive thermal capacities.
Gears and housings produced with high precision would operate efficiently, precisely and quietly.
From an external perfective, cubicle-shaped Right-angle planetary gearboxes can be integrated into your application with a wide range of connection variants; such as single input - output, single input - multiple output and hollow shaft output. Furthermore, different sizes and shaft diameters can be manufactured based on demands coming from the customers.
Different industries have considerable differences in the requirements. For example, housing materials can be varied based on the industries; for machine & manufacturing industries: nodular cast iron, food & chemical industries: stainless steel, for wood industry: aluminum is advised. Additionally, in order to prevent oxidation, nodular cast iron and aluminum housings are coated with Electrophoretic (EF) coating.
Thanks to our flexible and experienced structure, at Duserbox with a close cooperation with our customers, we develop their custom-made gearbox, no matter how specific or complex they may be.
Bevel - right angle gearboxes are more efficient than the worm gear - right angle gearboxes. The inlet and outlet shaft axes of the bevel right angle gearboxes are on the same plane; thus, each mounting surface of the gearbox housing would be available, which means ease of assembly and easy adaptation to the machines.
Bevel - right angle gearboxes can be utilized to synchronically transmit power from a single source to multiple points. Additionally, since they can function with high precision, thanks to their low backlash. To be able to have this advantage, gears must be assembled and parts must be manufactured with high precision. On the other hand, we have to keep in mind that these gearboxes have high forces on their bearings, so gears must be supported carefully.

Custom Gearboxes

We do understand the specific requirements of different applications from various industries; thus, we can work with you to develop your custom-made drive solution, along with submitting you our standard products. With this advantage, we could support our customers to certainly find their perfect and cost-effective solution on their large-scale projects.
We approach our customers as our partners. Their challenges and worries are always at the top position of our priority. Listening to and thinking hard problems lead us to expand our knowledge. So far, we have used this key asset, and would be more than happy to use it for our prospective customers. Please contact to us, our specialized team look forward to helping you.